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Review by Kyle Newcomer | 05.16.2019

As we fulfill the one another’s of the New Testament, the corporate life of the church is a witness that true meaning is found not in expressing yourself, but in losing your life for Christ’s sake and the gospel (Mark 8:35).

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In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan chats with Mark about our new Journal—Church Membership: Following the Lord Together.

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Mailbag #83: Protecting the Sunday Gathering by Limiting Reasons to Be Out of Room . . . Caring for Over-Worked Children’s Ministry Workers

By Dual CV80 Vintage Amplifier - Does Not Power Up, Tc electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal | 05.13.2019

— To what extent should the church protect the Sunday morning gathering by limiting reasons for members to be “at church” but out of the room? — What do you do to care for the spiritual health of your children’s ministry leaders?

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Let Orrick’s book lead you to a place of peaceful confidence in God’s love for you in Christ and a more robust worship of the One who deserves all the credit in our salvation.